Development/updates on PHPPlanner has stopped! I just don't have the time/energy to make updates to this project. Thanks to all of you that have downloaded it and sent feedback to me :)

I regret to say that the textfile version of PHP Planner will no longer be updated after version 1.1b, it's too much work for me to keep two versions going with my busy schedule! Using textfiles as a backend was getting kind of tricky and I prefer to just concentrate on a more robust MySQL version of PHP Planner. The 1.1b textfile release is quite stable however.

PHP Planner

Designed/developed by:
Kevin Southworth

PHP Planner is a single-user web-based calendar/planner/schedule application using PHP, JavaScript, and mySql.
Colors, styles, date/time formats are all customizable

You may use PHPplanner on your own site(s), all I ask is that you please credit me and send me the URL of your site.


Backend using MySQL

Version Link Last Modified Comments
1.1d 2002-08-02 PHP 4.2.0 adjustments by Thomas De Schampheleire
1.1c 2002-03-14  

READ THIS! I've had lots of questions about the "default" username/password for phpplanner. As of 3/14/2002 I have updated phpplanner_v11c_mysql to have a default username and password of "user" and "pass". If you want to change the un/p, just modify those values in the "admin" table after you have executed the query in the "sqldump.txt"

Backend using Textfiles

Version Link

*** Tested mainly on IE 6.0, briefly with Netscape 6.2 with screen resolution of 1152x864.


- The add/modify/delete event options will not be shown unless you have logged in
- If there is event data for a day, then clicking on the day number will popup the schedule for
the day. In addition, each event for the day will be listed on separate lines, sorted by
start time. Each event is clickable, and will popup the event detail. Some event info is displayed
as a tooltip when the user mouses-over the event.
- Change months by clicking the arrow buttons next to the month name
- Events and locations may be added by clicking on the "Add Event" button on the main page
- Events may be modified or deleted by clicking on either the day link or the event link

Bug reports, comments and constructive criticism send to:

- Fixed some bugs relating to differing timezones between client and server

   (including problems where the recurring entries were not being displayed,
    as well as problems with the find me page)
- The login/logout links are now displayed according to login status
   (e.g. if you are logged in only the "logout" button will be displayed)

- Added ability to purge events older than a certain date (e.g. purge all events older than today)
- Added "recurrence" feature which allows you to enter event data once and have it recur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
- Fixed some problems with the "Find Me" page
- Minor style fixes to the login/logout pages

1.1a (Unreleased)
- added an additional page, the "Find Me" page which checks your schedule and displays
what it says you are doing at that point in time

- added single-user admin login for read-only and read/write access
- changed a few absolute paths to relative paths that I had missed earlier

First release