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Below are all of the important projects I've worked on during the past years.

Web developing
Year(s) Project Description
1998-2002 The Jappie Pages My first website ever.
I started it when I was 13 and it has changed a lot throughout the years. Unfortunately I don't have the old versions anymore.

The latest (and final) version of The Jappie Pages is in Dutch.

2001-2002 The plan was to make a database-driven website for webdesigners and developers. A friend of mine, Bauke, made a beautiful design and I created the content management system using the PHP scripting language and a MySQL database.
Although looking very professional, this website never went online, which is a pity. Still, the process of making the content management system was a very enriching experience for me.

The front page as designed by Bauke and a sample tutorial page

2001-2002 Jappie's JavaScript Junkpile You could call this my second personal website. It should have become a website for JavaScript tutorials and scripts, but it never really grew. One of the reasons was the lack of time. I did start a JavaScript tutorial, but never finished it.

Still there are some useful JavaScripts you can use, so check out Jappie's JavaScript Junkpile !

2001-2003 Chi Kwadraat I worked on about three projects at Chi Kwadraat as a web developer. Chi Kwadraat is a market research company that uses touch screens instead of traditional face-to-face questionnaires.

The projects I worked on are:

  1. Web reporting
    With this online tool, clients can consult the results of their researches anywhere, any time, over the internet.
  2. Cost calculator
    Of the three projects I did, this is the one that is most intensely used by clients. First they answer a few questions about the research they want to get done, and then the script immediately generates a detailed price offer.
  3. Online questionnaire
    One of the clients wanted a research over the internet, instead of the traditional offline research (through touch screens on fairs, musea, ...). The questionnaire displays one question at a time and there is a progress bar that informs the user of how far he has gotten through the questionnaire.

2002 Antwerpse Farmaceutische Stichting (A.F.S.) During summer vacation I built the website of this company. It is a small website, mainly serving as an information source towards shareholders and customers.
Then I transformed an existing calendar application (written in PHP) into a web application to administrate temporarily personnel replacements.

The A.F.S. website (in Dutch)
The original calendar before I transformed it (PHP Planner)

2002 - ? Patrick de Pinguin This website used to be a single web page with a few pictures of me and Patrick. Now it has grown to a more informative and useful website for people that don't know me. This is the first one of my websites that has a fairly good number of visitors.

The original web page and the new one

Projects for university (studying for civil engineer)
Year(s) Project Description
Nov-Dec 2002 Space Invaders

This was an assignment for Computer Science during my first year. In a group of four we had to program a small computer game in Modula 2 (a mainly academic programming language).
At that time I already started the Patrick de Pinguin thing, so I demanded a guest appearance for him. The rest of the team (Jan, Thomas and Koen) couldn't resist my convincing arguments so I won the battle...

Here is the accompanying website where you can download the game.

Feb-Mar 2004 Lego Plotter

During my second year as a civil engineer candidate there are four projects we have to work on. This one was a mechatronica project with a group of five other students including me. I was chosen to be coördinator.
The assignment was: "Build an automatic machine using Lego" and we chose to build a Lego Plotter. We got 15 out of 20 for the technical result, 14 on group work, 13 on the report, and a big 17 on the presentation.

You can view pictures and videos on the Lego Plotter website.